Infrared Slimming Wrap

Fit womanThis thermal treatment is for people who have LESS than 20 stubborn pounds to lose. Detoxifying oils are applied to your body, which is then cocooned in an far-infrared blanket. Your body will generate heat over the next 30-45 minutes and burn calories and boost your metabolism. This is NOT a treatment for anyone with a heart condition or high blood pressure.  As with any detox treatment a series will produce the best results.

1  Treatment | 90
3  Treatments | 243 (save 10%)
6  Treatments | 432 (save 20%)



Micro-Current Body Treatment

Natural beautyA toning effect of the skin is what you can expect with our Micro-current machine with a series of  treatments. Micro-current delivers a low-level electrical frequency to the cells resulting in a re-education of the muscle tone. Our clients report that this relaxing experience results in a tightening and firming of their skin. As with all skin & body treatments, a series will provide the best results.

1 session   | 185
series of 5 | 850
series of 10| 1500


Hydrating Body Cocoon

Does your skin need some serious pampering? If so, you will love this body wrap. After a vigorous dry brushing to loosen up the dead skin cells, you will be slathered with a nourishing body butter and then swaddled in a warm blanket. While you take a well-deserved time-out, we will massage your scalp to help you obtain  complete relaxation.

1 Treatment | 85


Purifying Back Treatment

Designed to rid your muscles of stress and your skin of impurities. A deep cleansing scrub followed by extractions (if necessary), a relaxing massage, and a purifying masque. Perfect if you are experiencing challenging skin on your back, seasonal skin changes, or for a special occasion. An excellent treatment for both men & women.

50 minutes | 75

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